If we automatically react to challenging situations, we suffer. If we respond with present moment awareness, we discover flexibility, and live a rewarding life.

Our old reactions keep us stuck in anger, fear, or sadness. Our old reactions cause us to avoid or attack situations. Our old reactions limit us.

Once we decide to step out of automatic conditioning, we see a range of choices, responding flexibly, responding with skill.

We condition ourselves more and more with ongoing mindfulness training to be presently aware of what we automatically shrank from or impulsively attacked. With our ongoing mindfulness practice, which current neuropsychiatric research validates, we are more able to stay present, to initiate actions that lead to greater wisdom, not heart-wrenching regret.

Our active work is to create a meaningful, energetic life—-the heart of Mindful Ways Counseling.

Here are some of the many challenges that may bring us to Mindful Ways Counseling:

  • loss of someone close
  • break up of a relationship
  • divorce and step-parenting
  • conflict at home or at work
  • anxiety and panic
  • serious physical illness and pain
  • past physical or sexual trauma
  • depression
  • ADHD