About Gary Lopes Cunha, LMFT, LPCC

Gary Lopes Cunha, LMFT, LPCC


  • I am married and have two children, my oldest is serving in the Peace Corps, and my youngest is attending high school.
  • I enjoy hiking and backpacking.
  • A love of stories led to an M.A. in English and two years as a college English teaching assistant.
  • 20 years in a demanding financial services career led to learning mindfulness-based stress reduction.
  • An interest in mindfulness led to ongoing meditation retreats and training with Buddhist teachers, both former monks who attended three-year retreats.
  • An interest in Chi Kung and Tai Chi wisdom practices led to ongoing personal training since 2007, and starting in 2011 with Master Lam, Kam-Chuen, who is also a world-renowned master in Chinese soft martial arts. He recently moved Oakland, CA. His website: www.LamKamChuen.com